Projection mapping

Projection mapping is a way to display images and graphics upon real surfaces like buildings, furnitures, and vehicles for example. Ljudbyrån Interactive specializes in visualizations in stores and shopping malls and other commercial buildings. With our own mapping software it’s an relatively easy installation and very cost effective.





“Some installations demands unorthodox methods and nothing beats a good old analogue ruler…”

“Everything’s in place, just waiting for some props…”

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Multitouch screens









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Installation is part of our service. We customize all our solutions to fit almost anywhere. We make the installation clean and safe, and as well integrated with your decoration as possible.
The best case scenario would be to discuss the integration of the product at the very start of your planning in order to include the solution in the interior design in the best way.

When installing projection based solutions, keep in mind that for the best possible result there should be as little light in the area as possible. Choose a spot that´s not near a window or in an area where you can´t reduce the electric lightning. Choose a nice spot that´s relatively dark and where people really will notice the wonderful effect of the interactive projection.
We as experts on this area are more than happy to help you deciding the best spot for your solution.

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Interactive projections

The Interactive Projection concists of hardware and tracking/effects software. This product makes it possible to transform any surface into a dynamic and interactive area where where you put any content.
The amazing experience will attract and entertain visitors. It’s a flexible product, made for using in the shopping mall, store, museum, shopping window, restaurant, airport etc.




















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Multitouch Games

Ljudbyrån Interactive provide an all-in-one solution consisting of a 22″ PCT touchscreen with built in PC containing eight selected games from our ONLINE LIBRARY with our own developed kids games. A menu as well as the games are branded and adapted for the costumer.
This solution is used by some of Sweden’s biggest brands, and it is a success among family costumers.

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