Malmö children hospital

Patients and their relatives at Malmö Children’s Hospital have gotten their own interactive floors in two treatment rooms.

Via a touch screen, they can choose which effects/games they want to play with.

IMG_0122IMG_5253See the Floor in action

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Nya Karolinska Hospital “The Painting”

We did this dual short throw projector wall at the hospital Nya Karolinska in Stockholm. An artist did a real painting and we did an interactive version next to it. When a person is passing by the projection, a random animal suddenly comes to live.



IMG_8719See The Painting in action

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Nya Karolinska Hospital interactive wall

We did this amazing dual short throw projector play-wall for kids to have fun with for a while when they stay at the hospital Nya Karolinska in Stockholm. This interactive installation is a part of “Lekterapin” (The Play Therapy) where children can recover after a time of sickness or just hang out to have fun.

We change content during seasons, Winter, Christmas, Valentines day, Summer etc. And we can scan paintings and objects, that the children create at The Play Therapy. Then they come alive and ready to play with at the wall.

KarolinskaSee the wall in action

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Playzone at Norrköping central station!

We’ve developed new kids games based on the swedish famous character Alfons Åberg
for the central station in Norrköping! Game on!


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Happy valentines day!

Tomorrow is valentines day and the central station in Gothenburg are celebrating with an interactive floor provided and installed by Ljudbyrån. Big hugs!


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The CT-scan projection is up and running…

The CT-scan interactive projection is finally up and running with stunning results!
Contact us for more information how to implement this on your current system.



See it in actionimage2


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